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Our referral program allows you to earn credit towards free hosting. Whenever a new customer mentions you or your website as their referrer during the signup process, we'll credit your web hosting account so that you can get hosting for free.

To receive the credit towards free hosting:
  1. You must refer a new customer, other than yourself.

  2. When your referral signs up and answers the question on our signup form about how he or she found us, he or she just needs to identify you by your name or e-mail that we have on record for you, or by the domain name of the website you are hosting with us.

  3. Late or overdue payment by the new signup will void your opportunity for credit.

  4. If you qualify for the credit, it will be applied after the 12th of the next month, so that we can verify that the person you referred has paid for a full month of hosting and does not have an overdue balance. This means you will receive one more invoice that does not show the credit, and then the invoice for the following month will show it.

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