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What's New?

OnSite brings many new features and enhancements including:
  • Redesigned UI and branding.
  • Updated webmail with new features, such as HTML display and composition.
  • Autoresponders/Vacation messages.
  • Much more detailed billing and account information, including your transaction history.
  • Completely new codebase for quick feature development and upcoming reseller system.
  • Other fixes and enhancements too numerous to mention.

Standard Features

Monitor your site traffic
Use Webalizer traffic reporting to see:
  • Visitor traffic data for each page of your website.
  • How visitors got to your site
  • Search engine effectiveness
  • Visitor demographics
  • Top entry and exit pages
Block Spam and Viruses
With Modwest® Spam Control, take action against unwanted mail. Customize delivery rules and filter sensitivity to your wishes.

At Modwest, your mail is scanned for the latest viruses and security threats before it reaches your mailbox.
Read & Compose Mail
With Modwest® Mail, you can check your mail with a web browser from anywhere in the world. Or, use your favorite mail client (Outlook, Mozilla, etc.).
Track your resources
With these charts and graphs it's easy to monitor your site's bandwidth and disk usage.

Manage Your Databases
With our graphical database management tool (PHPMyAdmin), you can browse, edit, and add to your MySQL database.


One of the main reasons for building OnSite was to pave the way for a full-featured hosting reseller system. OnSite is based on a brand new codebase, which allows it to be privately branded for resellers. Read more about Modwest® Reselling.

Reporting Bugs & Feedback

Every page in OnSite has a small link at the bottom for you to report bugs or make comments. You can also e-mail us directly, at .
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