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Recommended Software & Resources

Featured Software:
Modwest grid hosting plans support a vast assortment of web software. Many of these are free to download and install for your website. Here are some resources & scripts we recommend, based on our experience and customer testimonials.

Software Publishers & Resources

Interspire has developed a wide range of powerful PHP-driven web applications, including a shopping cart, full site content management, newsletter publishing, and visual website creation tools. They deliver top-notch support for all their products, which are in use today by companies like Dell, Accenture, and GE.

Hotscripts is the largest collection of free and commercial web scripts that we know of. The searchable and categorized database can be an invaluable resource when you need to add a new feature to your website.

Forum Software

vBulletin (commercial)
A solid, commercial, PHP-driven forum that is widely used.

PHPBB (free)
Perhaps the most popular free bulletin board available.

XMB Forums (free)
Another good PHP forum, used by many of our clients.

Shopping Cart Systems

Our Hosting Plans support most PHP shopping cart software, and here are a few we recommend:

Interspire Shopping Cart
X-Cart: ecommerce shopping cart software.
LiteCommerce: ecommerce software & solutions.
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