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Managed Hosting: Success Stories

National Forest Foundation

"The National Forest Foundation (NFF) brings people together to protect our National Forests and Grasslands. As a nonprofit partner of the U.S. Forest Service, the NFF engages America in community-based and national programs that promote the health and public enjoyment of the National Forest System. The NFF also administers private gifts of funds and land for the benefit of the National Forests."

"The NFF's Web site is a vital communication tool for our staff, board and members. It is also a marketing and outreach tool for our conservation partners, our partners at the Forest Service and present and future funders. The site gives us a presence beyond print publications and is a resource for all who are interested in our work and the issues that are important to the organization. The NFF also uses a FTP site, which is a crucial tool for getting our work done, especially since we use a number of vendors and work from 3 offices nationwide."

"Modwest has always been very helpful as the NFF grows its Web site and increases the features we need to conduct business and do conservation using the Internet."

Daniel Berger
National Forest Foundation

Got Boost Racing, Inc.

"Our business is Drag Racing, in a competitive industry where sponsors want to see their names everywhere possible it is imperative that our web host and dedicated server is always operational so that there is never a time that our sponsors and fans are not able to view our schedule and just take a look at what is happening with our Racing Team."

"The customer service Modwest has provided our company has been outstanding to say the least. Their response time is incredible.... Their entire staff always provides the highest professional levels of customer service and technical support."

"I have recommended Modwest to all of my business associates and will always continue to do so.... In my professional eyes Modwest is on top of the industry."

Sandi Wold
Got Boost Racing, Inc.

Small Planet Online, LLC

"Small Planet Online does specialty web hosting in the MLM and 'work from home' industry. We were looking for a company that was large enough to provide us with the tools we needed, yet small enough to take care of problems with a personal touch. Modwest does both beautifully. A managed server was the best fit for our business. It has enabled us to do much more with our business. "

"Modwest's technical support has always been top-notch. Before we found Modwest, our existing web host did an upgrade without our knowledge that caused most of our custom scripts to stop working for several days. The worst part about this is that we received little communication from them, so we never knew what the status of the problem was. Modwest's tech team always keeps us 'in the loop' so we know what's going on."

"A managed server from Modwest has provided us with the flexibility to grow our business at our own pace, yet know that we have the control we need to ensure our clients get the best product possible."

Mark Hall
Small Planet Online, LLC
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