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Managed Hosting: Why?

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed Hosting includes a dedicated server that is managed, monitored, and maintained by Modwest. In short, we take care of the server, so you can take care of your website.

With a managed server, you are free from:
  • Installing and upgrading server software
  • Managing vendor operating system patches
  • Ongoing server configuration and maintenance
  • 24/7 availability monitoring
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While the award-winning Modwest grid hosting platform is an excellent choice for businesses, organizations, and individuals, there is no substitute for a fully dedicated and managed server.

6 Reasons to "Go Managed"

Can you identify with any of these statements? If so, a managed server may be right for you.
  • "I need a dedicated server, but I do not have the expertise/desire to manage it or set it up myself."
  • "With my business, I literally cannot afford server downtime."
  • "My web applications or scripts are slowing down because they are very resource-intensive. I need more horsepower."
  • "I store highly sensitive information on the server."
  • "I need to run programs on the server that are not allowed or supported by shared web hosting providers."
  • "Our current dedicated server is hosted at our place of business. It is too expensive to keep a full-time engineer. Plus, our facility is not designed to be secure and environmentally controlled."
  • "I know how to run my website(s), but I don't want to worry about managing the server as well."
Here are just a few benefits of hosting your site or sites on a dedicated, managed server.

Dedicated Server Advantages

A managed server is dedicated to only one customer: you. No more sharing CPU, memory or disk with others. Here's what that gets you:
  • Performance
    Dedicated CPU and memory give you faster load times, more freedom over the types of programs you can run, and quicker database access. Plus, all your data is stored locally on your machine, decreasing disk access time.
  • Security
    Your data is not on the same physical server as our grid system. Additionally, authentication data (usernames and passwords) are stored on your server. This added layer of separation insulates your data from others.
  • Stability
    Complex multi-user grid systems will always be more prone to brief interruptions for system upgrades, software reconfigurations, and mitigation of excessive resource utilization. A managed dedicated server frees your site or sites from such interruptions.
  • Flexibility
    On shared systems, care must be taken to ensure software configuration changes do not interrupt the workflow of other customers. On a dedicated, managed server, much more flexibility can be exercised with regards to server configuration and third party software.
  • Greater System Resources
    The standard metrics associated with shared hosting are mostly irrelevant on a managed server. Data storage is limited only by the size of the hard drives, and unlimited domains, FTP accounts, mailboxes, and databases are available.
  • 100% Uptime SLA
    We know how important site availability is to you, and our SLA guarantees you refunds in the event of an unscheduled outage.
  • Tools
    Managed servers offer a more complete Linux installation for developers, including the ability to compile programs.

Priority Support

Your Modwest managed server agreement will include priority support access information for any time at which you need to speak with a systems engineer or security specialist. Defined escalation procedures ensure you'll always be able to contact a talented technician no matter when you need it.
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