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"I've never experienced a hosting company like Modwest. They are inexpensive and have great knowledge in PHP with the best customer service. I can rely on you 100%."

Randy Z.
Babylon, NY

"After speaking to a few guys at a web design meetup last night, I can't believe how lucky I am to have found Modwest. No one could believe that you would let me tweak my php.ini settings, etc. Honestly, you guys are so good ... I recommend you all the time."

N. Wright
Littleton, CO

"I haven't found another PHP/MySQL hosting company that offers so many extensions, an awesome control panel and great customer service."

M. Solis
Laie, HI

"Modwest has many features that 95% of other web hosts only have for their dedicated servers!"

Simon J.
Katrineholm, Sweden

PHP Hosting Features

A Different Hosting Experience

We believe that PHP developers need the power and flexibility to make changes to the PHP hosting environment in which they're working. We made that a priority when building our grid hosting system, and here is some of what you'll experience as a result:
  • Control - Direct access to your own php.ini file in your hosting account, and a web-based PHP configurator.
  • Freedom - Choose which extensions are installed, and even install your own commercially licensed or custom-coded extensionsin your hosting account.
  • Security - All PHP code executes within the boundaries of each grid hosting account, as the user who owns the script, not in a server-wide context that could compromise others' data.

The Modwest PHP Configurator

As a PHP developer, you need the ability to alter and adjust the behavior of PHP inside your hosting account. Whether you need to change security-related settings such as allow_url_fopen or register_globals, or enable mcrypt or curl functionality for your site, Modwest offers a level of flexibility in all our grid hosting accounts that is generally found only on dedicated servers.

You will have two ways to take advantage of this unique level of flexibility. If you prefer, you can edit your very own php.ini directly with your favorite command-line editor such as vi, pico, joe, ed, jed, or emacs. Or, you can use the Modwest PHP Configurator.

The PHP Configurator is a powerful web-based interface for configuring the PHP installation inside your hosting account. All aspects of PHP's behavior, including global settings, extensions, sessions, and error handling, can be configured as desired.

Context Consistency

At other PHP web hosting companies, you've probably experienced these typical problems:

  • Difficulty editing or deleting files created by your PHP script
  • Insecure file permissions required (They may require you to set "world writable", or "777" permissions on certain files)
  • Errors related to PHP "safe mode" restrictions require work-arounds
  • Confusing development due to having multiple directory paths

Many will tell you that the only way to get around these issues is to invest in a dedicated server. We've proven otherwise, by making our system smarter. Your PHP scripts will run as your user, in the context of your hosting account. And, the root directory is indeed "/", from the perspective of your shell account, SFTP access, and your website script files.

PHP5 and much more...

In 2004, the PHP development team released PHP5, a major upgrade to the already robust and easy-to-use PHP4. In fact, much of PHP5 was rewritten from scratch, and its release represents an important maturation of the PHP programming language.

Modwest supports both PHP4 and PHP5, so you can gradually migrate your web application from PHP4 to PHP5 over time. Full instructions for using PHP5 at Modwest are included in the Modwest Knowledge Base.

Modwest preinstalls all these other popular packages, languages, extensions, and modules:
  • Apache
  • CVS
  • Ghostscript
  • GNU Gettext
  • GraphViz
  • ImageMagick image manipulation
  • JPEG-lib 6b
  • MySQL 5.5.30-1.1
  • NetPBM graphics tools
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • SVN
  • True Type fonts with Freetype
  • and more!

PHP Features:

Available extensions (phpinfo())
  • ADOdb
  • bcmath
  • bz2
  • calendar
  • cgi-fcgi
  • ctype
  • curl
  • date
  • dba
  • dom
  • exif
  • ffmpeg
  • filter
  • ftp
  • gd
  • geoip
  • gettext
  • gmp
  • hash
  • iconv
  • imagick
  • imap
  • json
  • ldap
  • libxml
  • mbstring
  • mcrypt
  • mhash
  • mime_magic
  • ming
  • mssql
  • mysql
  • mysqli
  • odbc
  • openssl
  • pcre
  • PDO
  • pdo_dblib
  • pdo_mysql
  • pdo_pgsql
  • pdo_sqlite
  • pgsql
  • posix
  • ps
  • pspell
  • radius
  • recode
  • Reflection
  • sasl
  • session
  • shmop
  • SimpleXML
  • snmp
  • soap
  • sockets
  • SPL
  • SQLite
  • standard
  • suhosin
  • sysvmsg
  • sysvsem
  • sysvshm
  • tidy
  • tokenizer
  • wddx
  • xapian
  • xml
  • xmlreader
  • xmlrpc
  • xmlwriter
  • xsl
  • zip
  • zlib
  • IonCube Loader
  • Zend Framework
  • Zend Optimizer

Expert PHP Support

We specialize in PHP development, and our support team takes pride in giving fast, direct, and accurate responses to your questions.

Command-line Control

SSH into your account to use most standard Linux/Unix utilities and editors.


You'll have access to one or more MySQL databases (5.5.30-1.1), and so you'll be able to leverage the powerful combination of MySQL and PHP to build dynamic web sites. We include a powerful web-based database management tool (phpMyAdmin) accessible through Modwest OnSite.

Modwest® OnSite

OnSite, our control panel, gives developers immediate, hands-on control over their databases, autoinstalled applications, accoutn management, PHP extensions, and folder password protection (.htaccess) rules.

PHP Hosting Packages

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