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"I need a website. Where do I start?"

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1. Get a domain name.

A domain name is the address for your website (such as or It's how your website will be found by your visitors. To purchase or check availability for a specific domain, visit our Domains section. Once you register a domain name, it can only be used by you during the period for which you reserve it (usually a year or more). Domain registration does not create a website or any e-mail accounts for you. For that, you need a web host.

2.Get web hosting for your domain.

Every website you visit is actually just some files on a computer somewhere. We call those computers "servers" because they serve web pages to visitors. Serving web pages is commonly known as web hosting. Modwest provides web hosting services and signup is easy. If you intend to sell products and accept payment through your website, use our E-commerce Options page to determine the best services to use.

3."Point" your domain at your web host.

If you registered your domain through Modwest, you do not need to make any more changes. If you registered your domain through any other registrar (like GoDaddy or Network Solutions), you will need to log in to your account there and update the name servers. If you intend to host at Modwest, set the name servers to and It may take up to three days for the new name server setting to go into effect.

4.Create, upload and edit your website

Now, you have a choice. You can either use our easy auto-installer to install website creation software in your account, or you can create a website on your computer and then upload it to the Modwest servers. Though you can create professional websites without expensive tools, there are plenty of commercial applications available to make that task easier, such as Dreamweaver, or a web-based content management software like Joomla or Website Publisher.

That's it!

For more detailed help on managing your website, see Getting Started in the Modwest® FAQ and Knowledge Base.
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