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""You guys at Modwest are always so accommodating ... above and beyond ... much appreciated.""
  --Lori Reif, -- St. Paul, MN

"Hey, Modwest! You guys are an awesome web host."
  --Mike Macias,

"Modwest has been an ideal partner, always acting professionally and in our best interests, displaying great patience with our many demands, and always treating us with courtesy and respect. "
  --Dave Atkins, -- Mt. Ida, Arkansas

"Thanks for having such awesome support response. "
  --Jay Z., -- Horsham, PA

"Kick Ass. Yea that fixed it. You rock! "
  --B. Shower, -- Junction City, OR

"First, let me thank you for your prompt response to my urgent call for help this morning. As always, you are very helpful and efficient in times of stress. I also want to praise you for your rock solid performance through the years I have been with you. It is nothing short of fantastic."
  --Frank, -- San Francisco, CA

""I am continually surprised and pleased at the level of support that Modwest gives. For a non-techi, they go way beyond to make sure I understand what they are explaining. It is good to have local access to assistance and support. Thanks, guys (and Marianne) you are doing a great job.""

"I did the fix and it worked. Thanks as always. You give wonderful customer service."
  --T.D., -- Billings, MT

"Love the service. I've set up dozens of our customers up on Modwest hosting, and the control panel is better than anything I've seen for modifying PHP configuration to suit our software. I particularly like how a mySQL database is automatically set up with a new account and emailed to the customer. Makes software setup a breeze!"
  --Stephen, -- Austin, TX

"Thanks for all your help over the years - you all are amazing over there! "
  --Julie Weaver, -- Missoula, MT

"Modwest customer service and Modwest engineers really go above and beyond. Although I know a small amount of programming, you have customers who understand much less than I, and you do the same for them. You have a difficult job in this tehcnology transitioning world, but I am completely honest when I tell you I appreciate Modwest customer service. "
  --G. Oss, -- Missoula, MT

"I'm a Montana native and I live in the Boise, ID area - and I'm so glad to use a local company for hosting! You can bet I'll be using you for future clients - your support has already been phenomenal."
  --Stacie Humpherys, -- Boise, ID

"Modwest has been a pleasure to work with so far, and I really can't thank you enough for that. It is a very rare and valued attribute. "
  --Katie, -- Missoula, MT

"Wow that is awesome! Thank you so much! I can't believe how good the service is there."

"Thanks so much for checking in! Everything is working very well! I love my website and Modwest!"
  --Shannon Donelson, -- Auburn, AL

"Once again, stellar Modwest service!"
  --Jeff Spivack, -- Arlington, VA

"Modwest provides peace of mind knowing wherever I travel it is possible to do business and access necessary contact information. The on line support team is friendly, professional, and great at what they do. I would recommend Modwest without a doubt!"
  --Didier Gincig, Planet Earth Gifts, -- Eastsound, WA

"You guys really are one of the best hosts around. Thanks so much! You rock!"
  --Greg W. ,

"Modwest Rocks! Thanks so much. You have made my little life so happy."
  --JB -- Denver, CO

"Thank you - I use every major host in the business and You guys really are the best to work with hands down!!"
  --Brett Martin -- Indianapolis, IN

"You are absolutely my hero. Again, I can't tell you what a delight it is to work with you. I will recommend you guys as the server people of choice to anyone I know that may need your services."

"I love you katz, tell your man he is on the money!!!! Got what we needed."
  --E. Hansen -- Clarksville, TN

"We were searching for an ISP that offered IMAP services. Surprisingly, there aren't many. Dave came to me and told me about this outfit in Montana. I said, "Huh?" He then explained more -- and I said, "Why not?" Then, he told me about how helpful your customer service staff is. Specifically, he said that for the FIRST TIME, he was speaking with people who actually know what they're talking about and who give GOOD advice. That sealed the deal. I'm already thinking of expanding our services with you as we begin to grow.", Glendale, CA

" Modwest has always been the best and most reliable hosting company I've dealt with, and I was truly impressed on many occasions by the helpful and swift responses by your support staff to issues I encountered. I recommend Modwest to others every time I have the opportunity to do so."
  --Jeremy Scott --

""I just wanted to thank you because both issues that I sent into support were answered promptly. Additionally, the quality of the responses was impressively high. I am glad to have you as a host.""
  --Max --

"Dear Modwest Support, You guys rock! <You> quickly figured out I wasn't a computer neophyte and got right to best place for a "real" report of the symptoms. A fix, and a follow-up call, happened in what seemed like no time. For someone who's business depends on superb communications, I deeply appreciate your fast and excellent service. I will continue to recommend Modwest to my friends and colleagues."
  --J.A. Twining -- Wordsmith & Co.

"Over the past 3 years I have rented server space and domains from Modwest. Technical support has always been fast, friendly and effective. Uptime has been great. Keep up the good work."
  --Danny Cher -- California,

"You have far and away the best support of any hosting company I've ever used, so my company was more than happy to send clients your way. Keep up the good work."
  --Adam -- Portland, OR

"You guys not only make sure that we know exactly what's going on, but also took the time to fully explore all other options that are available to us."
  --Peter Kelly -- Laval, QC, Canada

"There's a difference of night and day with other hosting companies. Now that we're with you guys, we really feel that we're on the www "superhighway"!" -- Laval, QC Canada

"You guys really do have the best tech support I've ever encountered!"
  --Kai, Clear SelfCare

"You rock! Truly amazing. That is way beyond the call of duty. I don't know how you knew to do that. Thank you very, very much."
  --Jon -- Stratford, CT

"...I am really impressed with the quality of support I've received from Modwest..."
  --M. Aranyosi, -- Quincy, MA

"You guys do a fantastic job, are incredibly affordable, extremely helpful and personable. I had a quick problem and spoke to [a member of your support staff] and he was great. I've dealt with him twice and both times been provided customer service that was far superior to any other business I've ever dealt with. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation. We are recommending anyone we find to your services and I'm sure you will be extremely successful."
  --Missoula, MT

"...I think you guys are the best in the game and have for a long time. No worries here."
  --Pittsburgh, PA

"Everything's great so far; your service seems to be very user friendly and your help files have seemed to answer all of my questions so far. Thanks!"
  --A Fuschetti -- California

"Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you and Modwest are proactive about security."
  --Vincent Chong -- Sun Mountain Sports, Missoula, MT

"I just really want to thank you for your fast response. It is experiences like this that make me fall in in love with Modwest all over again."
  --Joseph Beason -- MicroTrain Technologies, Chicago, IL

"I just wanted to say that your Support FAQ and subsequent articles have helped me with every problem and question I've had since having a modwest account. I can't say the same for any other help system I've come into contact with."
  --Jacob Slife - -- Missoula, MT

"Thanks, perfectly answered my question. I've been itching for you to support PHP 5. Once again you guys prove that you're the greatest! I've never worked with a better provider."
  --David Sigsby -

"Your personal technical support is really something to be recognized as superior. I hope that this email will make it to the manager who takes note of support comments. When I am ready to launch my third ecommerce site early next year, I plan to use ModWest. Keep up the good work! - Phil Doersam :"
  --Seattle, WA

"I will take the opportunity to thank you personally and letting you know that you guys rock! Best tech support I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. *applauds*"
  --Asheville, NC

"I am absolutely amazed at the amount of effort you have put into finding the correct solution to this, and even going further than that and helping with the performance of this page. I want to say how much I appreciate that. You have even left the amended files that you got to work for me. Thanks so much for all your help with this -- it is truly excellent!"
  --Altrincham, UK

"I have been so impressed with your company's service and attention. You have gone far beyond the call of duty and more! "
  --Joanne Easton --, Walnut Creek, CA

"I am very happy with Modwest and already have your referral link on my site. I signed on specifically because you offer virus scanning of email...Your hosting service works really well: moving the domain over was very smooth and your control panel works well. "
  --Martinsville, VA

"Thanks for consistently taking the time to help get things working - it's just been a lifesaver over the last couple of years. Thanks again for being such a great company in an industry that is flooded with less-than-stellar options. Modwest has been invaluable to me, and I will keep referring other customers to you as long as they keep asking my opinion."
  --Austin, TX

"I've been spoiled here at Modwest. The support people at [another major web host] are pretty miserably inept in comparison. I'm still waiting to hear back from a support request with them - and I've already heard back several times from Modwest support in the meantime! The only thing to make me leave Modwest would be wild horses."
  --Portland, OR

"Works as a dream. Just the usual Modwest support: answers come within a few hours, and not some canned nonsense but really useful, instantly working solutions. I just love this."
  --Budapest, Hungary

"I just wanted to say thank you for being the no-nonsense, professional, and most flexible hosting company I have had the opportunity to work with. From the features I get at such a low price, to the complete control I have over my account in the superb implementation of the Modwest Control Panel, I'm a customer for life."
  --Sean F -- Melbourne, FL

"I wanted to let you know that, to date, my experience has been very positive. I'd rate you 10 out of 10 in customer service, including response time, technical expertise, and friendliness. Your online support mechanism is ideal for this type of support. Keep of the good work!"
  --New York, NY

"Your support is amazing, especially [a particular employee]. Does he sleep? For complicated projects I *require* that my clients use Modwest because I know you or he will respond to my 4am emails right away."
  --Astoria, NY

"First, I love you guys and your focus on PHP. I am certainly with you for that reason. Second, congrats on the article about your specialization. I tell every database driven site owner to consider you."

"After speaking to a few guys at a web design meetup last night, I can't believe how lucky I am to have found Modwest. No one could believe that you would let me tweak my php.ini settings, etc. Honestly, you guys are so good ... I recommend you all the time. I don't want you getting bought by one of those other mega-services that promise the world and give you nothing."
  --Littleton, CO

"Everything's great, extremely simple and hassle free. Also, many thanks to the team for getting the Sablotron XSL extension added."
  --Bedfordshire, UK

"Your support was terrific. I was expecting your email tomorrow, but everything was solved in the day! It's terrific. I applied your modification in four [other] files. Everything is working just fine, now. Thank you again."
  --Seattle, WA

"I've been with Modwest for three years now, and time again they've helped me debug scripts, recover lost data, and avoid virus infection. Beside that, they're just pretty good people to talk to--or, maybe that's the difference between Modwest and the rest: they have <i>people</i>, not customer service agents. Hosting with them, I feel confident both that my pages are safe, and that they'll be accessible. There's not many places on the net where you can feel this secure."
  --Stephen Jones -- Shallowater, TX

"I sent an email to [my friend] who recommended your service to me, telling him how happy I have been with the services offered and especially the support you've given. My site never would have gotten up on time without it. It's refreshing, the best I've received anywhere."
  --R. Newman -- Bozeman, MT

"Everything is working guys have one of the best php hosting setups i have seen, and I can't recommend your company highly enough to my peers. "
  --Josh Stewart -- Heathridge, Australia

"I have used Modwest before and that is why I signed up again. I haven't found another PHP/MySQL hosting company that offers so many extensions, an awesome control panel and great customer service. Maybe if I thought real hard I could find something to complain about but compared to the others I have used, you're #1."
  --Laie, HI

"I want to let you know that you are really providing a great service. Before I signed up with you, I was wondering if I shouldn't go with [a competitor] because they are using FreeBSD and that's also my favorite OS. However, I had been a customer of yours some time back, and never had any complaints. So decided to go with you instead and I don't regret it. I guess the software a webhosting company uses is only one factor, but much more important is that the folks behind it all have a clue. And it seems that you do actually have a clue, and I can say that I'm really satisfied and will stay around for a while."
  --Tiddische, Germany

"Thank you very much. I have to say that I have never dealt with a company that really took time for small matters like this. I'm one happy customer!"
  --T. Nguyen -- Mesquite, TX

"Both the hosting and customer service [are] superior. In my 6 years designing web sites I have never had the pleasure of dealing with a more professional hosting company. The servers are some of the best I have seen and the control panel is in a class of its own. I will continue to recommend your company to my clients and associates."
  --Toronto, Canada

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Modwest. You're technical support staff has offered me unparalleled assistance when I needed it the most."
  --Santa Cruz, CA

"I am very impressed at your prompt responses to my emails and for all your patience and kindness throughout a very trying time for me. I would like to commend you to your higher authorities and inform them of how lucky they are to have you in their company. Your professionalism and courtesy weren't unnoticed."
  --S. Miller -- Woburn, MA

"Thanks for all of your help in this matter. No other host would have spent this amount of time getting something like this [crontab] working. One of the many reasons that Modwest is the absolute best."
  --Aurora, CO

"So far everything is working fine. I have to tell you, I'm impressed with the level of customer support, which is ultimately one of the most important things to look for when in the market for a hosting provider. The thing that actually sold me initially was the fact that you provide secure e-mail (IMAP/POP over SSL). Only 1 in 1000 providers do this it seems."
  --Maspeth, NY

"I usually don't write e-mails on a whim, but this one is to simply thank you for your outstanding service that you have provided my site during the past six months! Before I switched to Modwest, my other host couldn't care squat about me. I was just another number in their system and they never responded to my messages. Since I've switched to Modwest my domain is always up and ready to service my clients. Also when I contact your support team, they always respond quickly and with a (virtual) smile. This is suprising since I only have the cheap package. Keep up the great work and I will be with Modwest for a LONG time!"
  --Birmingham, AL

"Thanks for the super quick response times. And I mean super quick. I've worked with about half-a-dozen hosting companies before, and by far you guys are the best."
  --Warwick, RI

"The account service was outstanding. I will certainly use you again in the future and will recommend you to my friends. I never thought I would become loyal to an ISP. I've never met your staff, but I am bummed to cancel the account. Take it from me, a guy who advises companies on how to build brand loyalty, you are really doing something right. Hope to work with you again soon."
  --Nashua, NH

"I've been very happy thus far with Modwest. In fact, we're in the process of migrating our corporate site to your hosting facilities as well. More important than my personal experience, which again, has been excellent, our corporate experience, coordinated by my employee has been outstanding!"
  --St. Louis Park, MN

"You guys by far provide the best feature filled hosting service I have come across. This is as close hosting my own server as I am going to get without actually doing it. Your support for my accounts have been phenomenal, I really appreciate it."
  --Dixmont, ME

"I wanted to send a quick note to you to tell you how impressed I have been with your support staff. I only have the basic "cheap" plan but I am treated like I have the largest site on your servers. Every time I have needed a question answered or something done they have responed almost immediately. I am truly appreciative of all of the work that they have done for me."
  --Overland Park, KS

"Your patience and help have been outstanding. While fairly savvy, I have little time to devote to the technical side of web hosting. I have worked with several ISPs in the past, and your company is really great. "
  --Bill Anderson -- Nashua, NH

"...P.S. my old hosting company doesn't hold a candle to Modwest's services and support! "
  --J. Heiser -- Hudson, WI

"I've got to say that you've got the bloody quickest and best support I've ever seen for anything. It's nice to know that even in Australia we can get support during business hours."
  --Doonside, Australia

"That's great that you log password changes. You guys are the most organized low-cost hosting provider I have ever encountered."
  --Allston, MA

"I am very happy with your service and your customer care/support staff. I am definitely staying with you and hope to add my business domain to you soon. Your support staff is super nice and efficient with answering my questions so quickly and with all the right answers."
  --Alexandria, VA

"The first time I talked to you folks I was blown away by your customer service. I talked to a real person immediately. This person was knowledgeable, concise, and confident. My questions were answered, in terms I could understand, within seconds. Your response to all of my subsequent requests was swift to say the least. It is my belief that in this post gold rush climate, companies such as yours, focused on open source, focused on customer service, will see few boundaries for growth. I'm recommending you with an almost religious zeal to all of my friends."
  --Chicago, IL

"I was extremely impressed with the automation that allowed for me to sign up, pay with a card and immediately begin using the account. The one hiccup I had with CVS was resolved by a quick and painless email. The ssh/telnet access environment you have set up provides a great sandbox of space and tools with what appears to be excellent security against invasion by other subscribers. You provide an outstandingly convenient and well-run service at an excellent price. I will continue to tell anyone who needs hosting to look you up first."
  --San Rafael, CA

"I'm very impressed with the options available to me on your server and your awesome service. I'm referring all of my clients and friends to you for hosting!"
  --Ontario, Canada

"I appreciate the fast technical response from you as well as your colleagues, and I think the email management as well as the knowledge base are useful too. This is the first project I handled as web and I found that these [to be] invaluable. The pricing is reasonable for my client, which is a 5-person small business. Thanks a lot for your help."
  --Hong Kong, China

"You have many features [in the Control Panel] that 95% of other web hosts only have for their dedicated servers ($300 and up)! Why haven't I heard of you before! :-) I will tell my PHP friends about your service."
  --Katrineholm, Sweden

"Your service and hosting has been nothing less than stellar. The advanced hosting options offered (MySQL, secure IMAP, SSH) for the price are unparalleled. The Modwest Control Panel and support section are probably the best I've seen, even better than my expensive vserver from another large hosting company."
  --Cincinnati, OH

"Wow! What a great response! You're a star -- and fast, too. Please feel free to forward this response to your supervisor, as an example of a satisfied customer. Thanks!"
  --Arlington, VA

"Thank you for the check up. Everything has been working so awesome. I love your Help section of the site. It's been able to answer every possible question I've had. Keep up the great work guys!"
  --Cherry Point, NC

"So far, I've been quite happy with Modwest. The site traffic reports are fantastic, not to mention the current disk usage and bandwidth usage stats. I was also quite impressed when Modwest informed me of a loophole in a program I was using that would allow malicious users into my account. So, I am quite pleased indeed. Thanks!"
  --Bell Canyon, CA

"I just recommended you to another client. You are offering a tremendous value in your hosting services. Most companies don't provide enough. You guys provide more than is needed at the base level. That is nice, and gives me as a customer a good feeling about the company."
  --Simi Valley, CA

"With Modwest I feel like I'm a person, not just another number. I have yet to have any problems. I've been able to find the answers to all my questions right there on your website, and I haven't ever spoken with a single member of your company. Still, you checked up on me, and wanted to know how things were going. I find that absolutely amazing. Keep up the fantastic work. Modwest is above and beyond any other company out there. Service, support, customer care, and ease of use, you have it all."
  --Boise, ID

"Thanks for being such a great host. You guys rock! So proactive and responsive and helpful! I really appreciate it."
  --Bishopville, MD

"I signed up with Modwest so I could use the space to teach myself the integration between Flash, PHP, and MySql. The database control panel was extremely intuitive and now I've totally revamped the church site I manage so the average non-web savvy member can create content dynamically. I love your service. You'll be getting my recommendations as I land design jobs in the future."
  --Tyler, TX

"Thank you so very much for your persistence in solving my problem. After my previous hosting experiences, you and your company are the perverbial breath of fresh air."
  --Beaverton, OR

"I just wanted to thank you guys for having such AMAZING support services! Not only is your website support information more thorough than any other host I've used, and your support staff quick to respond and very helpful, but your whole hosting proces is SIMPLE, and lets me get on with working on my site, instead of screwing around with setting up my database and managing the day-to-day crap. Just wanted to say thanks."

"Thanks for helping me move my mail account so smoothly. My colleagues are all very impressed by how it all went. As I'm not an IT professional (I get delegated to do this because I can change the colours of Windows Desktop) it's way outside my comfort zone so I appreciate your professionalism and patience. All this for the price of a couple of coffees a month (at London rates)! Now of course my colleagues think I can do anything, and there'll be no end of tasks they'll be lining up for me."
  --London, England

"Every time I have called Modwest a real person answered the phone, I got the answer to my problem and they were very friendly. Every time I email them I get a personal response and many times far more thorough than I even asked for. I have never had one single incident with them that wasn't resolved in a matter of minutes."
  --San Fransisco, CA

"I have never in my life ever experienced a hosting company like Modwest. They are inexpensive and have great knowledge in PHP with the best customer service. I also host a windows account with, a huge company and they do not even come close to Modwest. I can rely on [Modwest] 100%."
  --Babylon, NY

"I've been out of the web contract business for three years. Jumping back in recently, I was reminded of the huge difference in hosting company quality. ModWest is 100% on the top of the list for response time. It's what sets you far apart from the crowd. I'll keep trying to pull clients your way, mainly because it makes my job SO much easier."
  --Drummond, MT

"Wow, thank you very much. Your support and help with my problem has been outstanding. Not only did you completely answer my question, but I also learned a lot more about nameservers in the process. I will definitely recommend Modwest to all of my friends and to anyone that ever asks me to recommend a host."
  --Columbia, MO

"Just wanted to comment that your service has been exceptional. We're a small company with operations in Chicago and Vietnam that gets wonderful support from [your staff]. Please feel free to use us as a client reference and let me know if you ever need a testimonial."
  --Chicago, IL

"More than happy to send new customers your way. There are no hosting companies here that come close to comparing with Modwest's service and support. Keep up the great work!"
  --Billings, MT

"This is a letter to say that [your support staffmember] is one of the greatest! He has helped me so much in so little time with quick and accurate detail. People such as he make "bad days" seem like great days. Enough cannot be said about his dedication and hard work."
  --Bell, CA

"Over the last 1-1/2 years I have had two accounts with Modwest and the service and support have only been the best. I have had accounts at other hosting companies and NONE can match the service that I receive from Modwest. Thanks for the great service."
  --New Glarus, WI

"Thanks a million. All is working perfectly well. I am most impressed by the support that Modwest has been extending to me on some of the recent projects when my customers have chosen Modwest for hosting."

"I'm extremely happy with the service you've given me. Your professionalism and drive to continually provide new features is something that I wish I saw in more hosting companies. In addition, your commitment to keeping the software on the servers current with new versions is also very much appreciated. Your pricing is simply incredible, and your willingness to keep customers updated about technical issues on the server-side is also much appreciated."
  --Bozeman, MT

"Thank you so much for all your help. I know my needs were quite particular. Your willingness to respond quickly to each of my requests was just terrific. I could not have done that without your responsiveness."
  --San Fransisco, CA

"I think the support for Modwest is the absolute best group of people that I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with. If there's anywhere or anyone that I could tell of my regard, please let me know."

"I am absolutely delighted with the quality of service. From the holiday card to the smooth and intuitive user interface, customer service is right on. And the new features ... are excellent."
  --Annapolis, MD

"Quality of support has been exemplary, along with connectivity, control panels and feature sets. I've been using hosting companies for about 6 years now and so far have been most impressed by Modwest. I was lucky enough to be VP of Marketing for 2 years for another hosting company, growing it from $0 to $1m over the period, so I know an awful lot about the business from your side of the fence, and from a customer's perspective you guys are doing it all right :)"
  --Boulder, CO

"Changing /etc/resolv.conf worked! The mod_rewrite rules worked also. Thank you so much. Imagine what it would have been like for me if I had to wait for 24 - 48 hours for each of your responses. That's what it was like at I manage my website in the same responsive way that you guys manage your hosting service. I'm clearly in the right place now. You have a very enthusiastic supporter here."
  --San Francisco, CA

"Thanks again for your rapid and useful customer support. A nice change from my last hosting service."

"Thank you so much for this prompt and technically proficient response. I am so impressed that I have decided to cancel my new account at another web hosting service, where the technical competence is close to zero, and open one with you."
  --Frank J.,

"You guys are the greatest thing in the whole world of hosting. I am very satisfied with everything, and I plan on sticking around. You've always responded promptly to any questions I've asked, and you've been willing to go the extra mile."
  --Ben R. -- Rice, WA

"Wow. That was like a 10 minute turn around. I'm glad I switched to your service. My old host had a week turn around for support problems, assuming I ever got a reply. And this was *very* minor. Thanks for the quick response."
  --Iowa City, IA

"I just wanted to send you guys an email and tell you how pleased I am with the quality of service you provde. Every step of the setup process and getting my domain up and running was extremely simple. This is my first time having someone host my domain, but I don't see how the service could get any better for what I am paying."
  --S. Culler -- Aiken, SC

"Your customer service has been excellent. I very much appreciate your prompt responses."
  --Puyallup, WA

"Thank you for your care about your customers. I've heard nothing but good things about your company from other people I've spoken to."
  --Cincinnati, OH

"I feel like I learned a lot today. Thank you so much for coming up with all these ingenius solutions! I can go to sleep stress-free now. I hope you can too."
  --Astoria, NY

"Since we moved our site to Modwest, our hosting experience has been a pleasure. Our site MUST be up and running 24/7 to facilitate software sales. With Modwest, our service has been excellent, customer support has been super-friendly and we rest assured at night with our site hosted on Modwest's fast servers."
  --C. Nusinov -- Baltimore, MD

"...I noticed you fixed it. Kudos to you for being so very helpful. Appreciate all you have done for me. Thanks especially for fixing my code. I have learned something new."
  --Ontario, Canada

"Your hosting is great. I've been through about 3 recongized webhosts over the last few months, but you seem to be the only one that can produce a good service. Thanks!"
  --Rice, WA

"I think your service and attention to detail is just awesome. You have never hesitated to give me a hand when needed. Thanks a million. If you want a quote for your site, just let me know!"

"How fantastically prompt. Looks like I'm in business - many thanks."
  --Oakland, CA

"Thanks for installing all the tools I needed, and to all of you for being so responsive. I know I've said this before, but I'm again impressed by your customer service."
  --Sydney, Australia

"I've used quite a few hosts, and you have the best hosting service around by far. The Control Panel is great, you guys really have done a good job automating all of the stuff a customer needs to do."
  --Santa Cruz, CA

"You guys are without a doubt the most responsive support team I've ever dealt with."
  --Grand Rapids, MI

"Thanks! I wasn't expecting this to happen so quickly with you guys. I'm seriously impressed! That's what I call excellent customer service. You guys have got to be the best host I've come across, keep up the good work. If only you were "down under", then I could buy you guys a nice cold beer :)"
  --Victoria, Australia

"Let me say that you guys shine far above other hosting companies."
  --Eugene, OR

"The service I've received from Modwest has been outstanding. John Masterson was very quick and efficient in handling a minor problem that arose recently. Your offering is the best I've seen out there for my needs, and I've raved about Modwest to friends."

"The Control Panel is a gem and the FAQs have been a terrific reference point. Keep up the awesome work!"

"It's actually been rather painless and a lot of fun. The stats are complete ... [and] the few times I've needed service it has been excellent."

"You guys have superior response times to my last hosting company. I look forward to transferring my other accounts and business associates to your hosting systems."

"Thanks for being so prompt and concise, so far I'm really happy with the outstanding service at Modwest. It is nice to be able to tell folks about a service with such excellent support these days."

"YOU GUYS seriously ROCK. I've never had better technical help before. You guys are enthusiastic about providing good answers and I don't feel like I'm stupid for NOT being a genius :)"

" are yet the best hosting company I have ever used. You have excellent customer support, a great site manager area, and I still have not experienced any downtime since my signing up!"
  --Randy Z. -- Babylon, NY

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"You've got the best service out there. I'm proud to be a Modwest member."

"I just signed up today. The Control Panel is terrific, and so are your FAQs - everything seems to be covered in ample detail."

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  --T. Nguyen -- Mesquite, TX

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"I really appreciate all the effort you and the others have put into getting us up and running - everyone there I've spoken to so far has been more than helpful."

"You may not believe how hard it is to find a webhost with PHP, IMAP, MySQL SSH, and a decent amount of space and transfer limits for small business solutions. Thanks."
  --M. Cannon -- Seattle, WA

"Great setup! The sign up system was excellent and I had files uploaded and being served all within about 15 minutes. The Control Panel is great! I haven't been able to find a provider in Australia that offers a package comparable to yours."
  --T. Dack -- Richmond, Australia

"Thanks for the prompt and courteous help. I've never received anything less from"
  --Joseph Tate -- Seattle, WA

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  --Owner, -- London

"I love this service. I have another hosting account (at another host) and sometimes I have to wait more than a day for questions to get answered, not to talk about 'getting it solved'."
  --K. Van Haecke, -- Izegem, Belgium

"That just saved me a whack of code. you not sleep either?"

"...First, let me say I really like Modwest. I had been looking for a low cost place to develop my php and python skills for a long time before I discoverd you. Thanx!"

"Cool. You guys are way fun ;)"

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"Your service is the only one I've found that fits my needs ... I don't really want to pay a lot of money for a shell account (i.e., Verio) because I'm not doing this to make money, but I prefer writing dynamic pages with perl and php which the free sites can't handle. Plus, your support is the best I've dealt with in a long time. Thanks."

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  --Brisbane, CA

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  --J. Berry -- Brisbane, CA

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"I need to get another secure certificate installed. This went very smooth last time so I would like you to do it again for me."

"That did the trick! D'you guys need any 'nice' feedback? If so tell me where to email, and I'm there!"

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"I do get other offers for web hosting but I stick with MW because of your good service."
  --R. Larson -- Missoula, MT

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  --D. Cilliers -- San Diego, CA

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  --M. Hendricks -- Missoula, MT

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  --A. Young -- American Fork, UT

"Now that's a good idea! Thank you for coming up with the example. I am liking MW quite a lot."

"I'd be happy to write a "satisfied customer" blurb for you, if you need one. I understand that our nepotistic relationship might discredit me, but I am truly a satisfied customer."

"...Your control panel works great and really saves me time."
  --R. Larson -- Missoula, MT

"I think the Modwest Control Panel is the nuts."

" I really like the control panel. Its easy to use. I want it to control every aspect of my life."

"You've incuded all the necessary stuff [in the MW Control Panel], stats, phpMyAdmin, etc. Good job to your coders, big round of applause."

"The ImageMagick/gd graphs right on the main page [of the MW Control Panel] showing banwidth/diskspace are quite 'leet' :)"

"I am so glad you made the [MW Control Panel] page usable/loadable. It's nice to see you didn't make this with Java/JScript/Jpegs like some other hosts. Very clean work. I'm sure all your other users will thank you."

"Im impressed [with the Control Panel], very smooth, very usable. You guys just rock! :)"
  --J. Hughes -- Norwalk, CT

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  --T. Nguyen -- Mesquite, TX

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"It is always reassuring to know that when problems occur, the people with whom you are working do not just throw up their hands and say 'Well, we can't do this.' My compliments, you guys do a great job."
  --S. Francis -- Billings, MT

"I would like to thank you and John for the amount of time you collectively have spent on a relatively small account."

"It's great to be with Modwest. I always get help when I need it that's fast, friendly and to-the-point. I can't imagine ever needing a different host. "
  --L. Tuholske -- Missoula, MT

"I appreciated the christmas card. Your company constantly amazes me."

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"You fellas have been by far the most pleasant hosting company I have ever worked with. Your prompt and very tactful and polite replies are exactly what I look for in tech support."

"...In fact, I would say in all areas you are at the top of my list. You will definitely be recommended not only to my clients, but to my fellow industry workers in the future. Keep up the great work."

"...Oh yeah, and my bosses here are former execs from SGI and Intel and they think you guys have a kickass deal. So you're impressing the Silicon Valley geek-crew, anyway."

"I can't believe how easy it was to sign up and how much you get for such a small fee! Awesome!"

"I probably won't use all the features, but I don't see how you can offer so much for so little!"

"...To get an account set up in a few minutes with mysql, telnet, etc. that fast amazes me. You guys are great!"

"I have been signing up my customers with ***.com, but they are always screwing up. I like that you all are easy to work with and the services you offer."

"...This should do well to get me through my move. Thanks again, you guys have great service!"

"Thanks for the quick response to my questions. It's good to know there are other companies out there that care about customer service!"

"Thanks for the info. You guys are by far the most 'available' of the hosts I use."

"Your service has been exellent so far, especially for someone who's kind of a newbie to all things internet."

"Your system performance with my test site has been well within our response criteria - nice job, thanks!"

"...Also, I'd just like to say a HUGE THANKS to you and your fellow admins. We're off and running now and appreciate all of the help you've each provided in the last week. (Hint - forward this to your bosses.) :)"
  --S. Waits -- San Diego, CA

"So far your system over there gets A+s for everything. I'm rather impressed with you guys. Everyone has gone far beyond anything I expected."
  --J. Hughes -- Norwalk, CT

"Again, thank you quite a lot. I cannot express enough that you have gone FAR beyond what I would have expected."

"...That's far more than I would have asked for.... Thank you very much. I think I've found my new best friends :)"

"Again, thanks for going so much farther than most would."

"You have gone MUCH farther than I would have ever expected. The only problem now is that I'll expect this kind of treatment from ALL the companies I deal with :)"

"You're working FAR too hard :) It's Sunday!! :)"

"I have to say the ability to ssh into one's webspace is highly UNDERRATED. I find that I need to do that more than a few times a week. That's a huge + on your guys' part."

"We have had at least three other webhosts previously, none of which compare to your service. Modwest is fast, reliable and has a great support team."
  --E. Pappas -- Kundalini Pictures

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