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Every Modwest Virtual Private Server plan comes equipped with the powerful Parallels® Plesk Panel web control panel and is supported by the same expert team and facility that has made our other hosting solutions so popular.

Leading Control Panel

Parallels® Plesk Panel

Designed for web hosting and server automation, the award-winning Parallels® Plesk Panel provides an easy-to-use interface, profitable access to applications and a completely integrated provisioning, billing and content management system for your business. With single-click access to hundreds of applications, an integrated site-building tool and fully automated billing, Parallels® Plesk Panel enables your business to introduce new services and extend existing services quickly and conveniently. Parallels® Plesk Panel offers granular control, important functionality such as server health monitoring tools, convenient upgrade and migration tools, and control of user experiences with role-based access to functionality.

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Parallels® Plesk Panel offers many advantages over other control panels:

  • Logical, easy to learn interface based on our expert understanding of industry best practices
  • Professional look and feel with a number of different skins to choose from
  • Advanced capabilities and features easily implemented with a single mouse click
  • Complete localization for working in different languages, including allowing you to work in different languages simultaneously across all user levels
  • High levels of reliability assuring you the piece of mind you need to effectively run your business
  • Stable and secure - effectively utilize your system resources, ensure you are running at high performance levels, and stay away from threats and vulnerabilities
  • Intelligent error-handling and trouble-shooting, ensuring you will be able to stay productive and complete your tasks with minimal delays

Available Add-ons

  • VPS Memory Boost
    Add 512MB of memory to any VPS plan for just $15/month.
  • Parallels® Plesk Panel Antivirus by Dr. Web
    Available for both VPS and managed server plans, Parallels® Plesk Panel AntiVirus by Dr.Web is an award winning (Virus Bulletin 100% Award) virus scanning and filtering software.

    Parallels® Plesk Panel AntiVirus provides reliable, efficient and cost effective protection of your customers' mailboxes against worms, Trojans and other damaging viruses.
  • Parallels® Plesk Panel Power Pack
    Available for both VPS and managed server plans, the Parallels® Plesk Panel Power Pack is bundle of the SpamAssassin, Application Pack, Helpdesk, Tomcat, ColdFusion, and PostgreSQL Add-Ons. More...

Key features include:

  • Root Access
    With Modwest VPS, you have total control over your VPS software and configuration. Parallels® Plesk Panel lets you do almost all of your user/site management tasks using a simple web interface. Other server tasks can be done via your administrative ("root") account, including installation of system software and Apache/PHP configuration changes. Though you are largely responsible for managing and maintaining your VPS, our server administrators are also available at an hourly fee to assist with any tasks you might have. Modwest will apply operating system security updates for you at no additional charge.
  • User-Friendly Interface
    Parallels® Plesk Panel's interface gives you the option to create and manage your own skins in the browser-based interface. In addition the Admin can act as the default client for the entire server making shared hosting setup even easier.
  • Auto Upgrade
    You can automate software updates and upgrades directly from the Parallels® Plesk Panel interface. Now you will have the security of knowing that you are running the newest and most secure version of Parallels® Plesk Panel. New features, patches, hot fixes and more will be upgradeable from the control panel interface.
  • Migration Manager
    Modular in architecture and employing different plug-ins the Migration Manager allows users to quickly migrate accounts from cPanel, Ensim, Cobalt, old Parallels® Plesk Panel versions, In-house systems, or any other system to their new Parallels® Plesk Panel server.
  • International Domain Names
    Complete support for the International Domain Naming conventions and their characters. Parallels® Plesk Panel will fully recognize characters from Japan, Korea, China, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Austria, China, Arabic countries and any native language of the user's choice.
  • Chrooted Shell Access
    You can add Chrooted shell accounts as an option to the list of shells allowed for clients. When selected the client will be jailed in the domain's directory when accessing the server and his domain via SSH.
  • Power Pack (optional add-on)
    A bundle of the SpamAssassin, Application Pack, Helpdesk, Tomcat, ColdFusion, and PostgreSQL Add-Ons.
  • Multiple Domain Hosting
    Modwest VPS will allow you to host 10 or more domains and websites per VPS, along with separate mailboxes, addresses, content and configurations.
  • Customer-managed Backups
    You choose when you want to take a snapshot of your data, and you can restore from your backup at any time. Snapshots and restores are handled conveniently through your Parallels® Plesk Panel.

Services Breakdown for Parallels® Plesk Panel for Linux

Operating System OS: Linux
Including your choice of Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora Core, or CentOS
Web Web Server: Apache
Scripting: Apache ASP, PHP, Perl, Python, SSI, SSL, CGI, Mod_Perl, Ruby
More: Suexec, Restart Optimization, Skeleton Directory
Mail MTAs: Qmail
Web-based: IMP
AntiSpam: SpamAssassin (optional add-on)
AntiVirus: DrWeb
Mailing List: Mailman, Aliasing, Auto-responses, Groups, User Access
DB DBs: MySQL 4.x and 5.x, PostgreSQL (Local or Remote)
DB Management: PhpMyAdmin, PhpPgMyAdmin, Secure Setup, Multi-user/Multi-DB
FTP FTP Servers: ProFTPd
Features: Anonymous FTP, Upload Directory, FTP Throttling
DNS Servers: Bind
Features: Master/Slave Management, Remote DNS, Load Balancing, Automated File Matching
Stats Apps: Webalizer, AWStats, Parallels® Plesk Panel Traffic Manager
Features: Real Time Bandwidth, Custom Reports, Graphical User Breakdowns
More Backup and Migration Utilities, Configurable Firewall, International characters (UTF8), System Monitoring tools (Watchdog) and much more.

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