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Customer service and technical expertise are a part of the picture, but without a reliable and robust hosting infrastructure, 99+% uptime is difficult to attain. Here are just a few of the measures we've taken to enhance uptime and performance:

Multiple Providers

Having more than one upstream network provider is a basic redundancy strategy. Where feasible, we eliminate any single points of failure, and multiple connections are a crucial part of that plan.


Border Gateway Protocol is an interautonomous network routing technology that allows multiple network providers to provide continuous updates to one another regarding localized congestion and outages. This continuous stream of real-time data can then be used to deliver traffic via the quickest and most available route.


Not only does Modwest have multiple network providers, but each connection is burstable, meaning that the capacity is available to transfer data to and from our managed servers at the fastest rates possible. This added "headroom" ensures that sudden spikes in popularity can be handled gracefully.

Modwest Data Center


The entire Modwest network is protected by a firewall that blocks numerous types of suspicious and malevolent traffic and requests. We also offer a Managed Firewall for managed/dedicated server clients with specific network security requirements.

Environmental Monitoring

Servers and network equipment provide the longest and most reliable service when stored in a cool, relatively dry facility with good air circulation. Multiple sensor nodes continuously monitor temperature and humidity and generate pager alerts to technical staff as appropriate.

Waterless Fire Suppression

In the rare event of a fire in the datacenter, an inert fire-extinguishing gas would be released, extinguishing the fire without any damage to sensitive servers and network equipment.

Backup Power & Generator

All Modwest equipment is plugged into UPS battery-backup units to protect against any brief building power outages. In addition, the onsite backup generator provides for power in the event of an extended outage. The generator is automatically tested weekly.

Physical Security

The Modwest hosting facility is located on the fifth floor of a downtown bank building. Datacenter access is available only to approved staff carrying an electronic swipe card which logs all entries. Additionally, all Modwest equipment is locked within a secure cage.
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