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VPS Hosting: Why?

What is VPS Hosting?

Virtual private servers fill the gap between lower cost shared hosting and more expensive dedicated servers. Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers virtualization solution is used to partition a single physical server into many isolated virtual environments, creating the Modwest VPS service. Each virtual environment is completely isolated and behaves exactly like a real networked server, complete with its own set of init scripts, users, processes, filesystems, etc. Each virtual environment can have different applications and the root user is in full control, just like a dedicated server.

Modwest® Virtual Private Servers (VPS) offer an affordable way to gain the control and flexibility of a dedicated server. Although your website may share a physical machine with some other accounts, you will be able to customize and manage your server as if it is on its own dedicated hardware.

Reasons to Choose VPS
If you can identify with any of these statements, a VPS might be right for you:
  • "I can't afford a dedicated server, but I need many of the features of dedicated hosting, such as installing a specific operating system and software."
  • "I know what I'm doing and need full root access."
  • "I don't feel comfortable hosting on the same system as thousands of other websites."
  • "I know how to implement exactly what I need on the server, and I need the administrative power to get it done."
  • "I need to run programs on the server that are not allowed or supported by shared web hosting providers."
Our VPS plans are self-managed solutions. Looking for a fully managed option instead? Consider our managed servers. Or, check out the Modwest® VPS features.

Modwest VPS Advantages

  • Flexibility
    Choose from a varity of operating systems and server software for your server.
  • Customizability
    With full root access, you'll have the power to configure your system as you wish.
  • Affordability from sharing a powerful web server, without the usual constraints of shared hosting.
  • Dedicated System Resources
    With a VPS, you'll have greater CPU and RAM at your disposal, dedicated to your website only.
  • Parallels® Plesk Panel
    Parallels® Plesk Panel is a comprehensive control panel solution used by leading hosting providers worldwide for shared, virtual and dedicated hosting. The control panel is designed to simplify the management and administration of web sites. Parallels® Plesk Panel automates a large number of tasks that allow service providers to reduce operating costs and resources while at the same time increasing profitability, efficiency and customer satisfaction. More...

Modwest VPS Differences

The Modwest VPS service is very different from our web hosting and managed server solutions, in ways you might not expect:

Customer-managed Backups

You choose when you want to take a snapshot of your data, and you can restore from your backup at any time. Snapshots and restores are handled conveniently through your Parallels® Plesk Panel. (The difference: Both our grid system and managed servers feature Modwest-maintained backups.)

Root Access & Total Control

With Modwest VPS, you have total control over your VPS software and configuration. Parallels® Plesk Panel lets you do almost all of your user/site management tasks using a simple web interface. Other server tasks can be done via your administrative ("root") account, including installation of system software and Apache/PHP configuration changes. (The difference: Root access is not available on our grid system or managed servers.)

Server Management & Support

Though you are responsible for managing and maintaining your VPS, our support team will always try to help you find the resources or documentation you may require. Modwest server administrators are also available (at an hourly consulting fee) to assist with any server management tasks with which you might be uncomfortable. Modwest will apply critical operating system security updates for you at no additional charge. (The difference: Modwest technicians administer the grid system and our managed servers.)

Server Monitoring

While we actively monitor the health of the hardware and network upon which your VPS depends, we do not montor individual services (such as web and database servers). You may wish to use Parallels® Plesk Panel's Watchdog option, or a third-party monitoring service such as WebSitePulse. (The difference: Modwest monitors all services on the grid system and service monitoring is optionally available on our managed servers.)

Multiple Domain Hosting

Modwest VPS will allow you to host multiple domains and websites, along with separate mailboxes, addresses, content and configurations. (The difference: The Modwest grid system allows one website per hosting account.)

Choice of Linux Distribution

The flexibility inherent in our VPS plans includes a choice of Linux distribution. The default installation is Debian, though CentOS, and Ubuntu are also available, and you will be offered a choice during the signup process. (The difference: The Modwest grid system and managed servers do not offer a choice of Linux distribution.)

Sound like the right solution for you?

Then sign up today!

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