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Grid Hosting: E-commerce Options

For help topics concerning e-commerce, please check our FAQ & Knowledge Base.

Any Modwest hosting plan can be used to promote your business and sell your products online, and our system supports all of the most popular shopping cart systems available today.

SSL Certificates

To create a secure area of your website and give your visitors confidence, you'll want to set up an SSL certificate.

Merchant Account & Gateway

To accept credit card payments from your customers, you will need a "merchant account". For the payments to be transparently made online and result in a deposit of funds into your bank account, you'll also need a "payment gateway" service.

For both of these services, we recommend: Big Sky Commerce.

Shopping Cart Options

Our Hosting Plans support most PHP shopping cart software, and here are a few we recommend:

Interspire Shopping Cart
X-Cart: ecommerce shopping cart software.
LiteCommerce: ecommerce software & solutions.

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