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The Modwest Grid

Many web hosting companies set up standalone servers, each providing all services for the customers on that server. In contrast, Modwest runs a load-balanced cluster of servers to distribute the task of serving web pages and handling email among many servers.

One problem with our competitors' single-server approach is revealed when one or more customers on a server gets a sudden influx of traffic, whether due to a big advertising campaign, a link from a popular site, or just viral word-of-mouth success. Suddenly, the server goes from humming along nicely to an overloaded condition: alarms sound, performance slows to a crawl -- or fails completely -- for all customers using all services on that machine.

We do it a different way.

Google found many years ago that it makes a lot of sense to deploy massive computational power not with huge expensive "enterprise" servers, but by using thousands and thousands of commodity machines. So, when any one server fails, the impact on user experience is generally non-existent. And Google can obviously handle massive amounts of traffic.

We've pursued a similar strategy with the Modwest hosting system. We have a large group of servers responsible for serving the web pages of thousands of our customer sites, we have a separate group of servers responsible for handling their mail services, and multiple MySQL servers that do nothing but database queries for these websites.

We call this "group of groups" the Modwest Grid.

What does the Modwest Grid mean to you, the site owner?

  • If you (or another customer) gets a link on the front page of Digg or Huffington Post or MSNBC, there's a lot more "headroom" at Modwest to accommodate the increased traffic. That's because sudden influxes of web traffic are divided among multiple servers, increasing the work each must do by just a fraction of what a single standalone server would suffer.
  • If another customer's script runs out of control and somehow takes a server down, there are plenty of others to pick up the traffic and avoid any interruption in service.
  • If a webserver physically fails for some reason, other servers seamlessly pick up the workload.

Don't settle for anything less. With our 30-day moneyback guarantee, there's no reason not to sign up today.

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