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Web Hosting: Why Modwest?

We want you to be confident in your decision to host at Modwest, and our time-tested values speak for themselves:
30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee We know you won't regret switching to Modwest and, to make your decision even easier, we are now offering a 30-day, money-back guarantee. Our unparalleled support team delivers fast, accurate answers to your questions, 24 hours a day. See what our customers have to say...
Our servers are stored in a highly secure, temperature-controlled environment with backup power. The Modwest Grid offers outstanding reliability, redundancies in our external provider network protect your site from unexpected downtime, and we have a proven 99%+ uptime history to back it up!
With Modwest® OnSite, you'll have immediate control over important aspects of your website and e-mail, including spam filtering, folder password protections, traffic monitoring, database management, and more. Also, our grid hosting system has been popular with professional developers because of our commitment to Advanced PHP Hosting.
Speed Your web pages will be delivered at the fastest speeds possible. Our system is connected to the internet backbone via multiple circuits from 360Networks, Cutthroat Communications, and their upstream providers AT&T, Global Crossing, and Level 3 Communications, including gigabit fiber to the SIX. Bandwidth capacity is kept well above our peak usage and is burstable. BGP-4 routing provides stable, efficient, and intelligent data delivery.
Data Security: Physical security, quick software updates, and a proprietary data architecture help prevent unwanted browsing of your data. Spam and Virus Protection: All incoming mail is scanned for viruses even before it reaches your mailbox, and you can customize your spam filtering rules in Modwest OnSite. Privacy: We do not sell or give out your information, and we are proud to be a 100% anti-spam web host.
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