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Ready to start a blog or website using Wordpress? You're in the right place.

Wordpress Logo At Modwest, you can install the newest version of Wordpress automatically and instantly, with one click. It's free and requires no setup, so whether you're a pro or have no HTML knowledge, you can begin publishing your blog in minutes.

Here's how to get started with Wordpress:

  1. Sign up now for a Modwest Yep Hosting starting at just $6.95/mo.
  2. Visit your Onsite control panel and click "Autoinstall Common Applications".
  3. Visit your new blog at the address you chose, and begin publishing!

Already a Modwest customer? Just visit your Onsite control panel and click "Autoinstall Common Applications".

Wordpress has become the gold standard in open source content management systems. This powerful, free web software may be used as a traditional chronological blog, or a full-featured CMS content management system. At Modwest, we're proud to be the perfect host for this wonderful technology. Our instant signup process and one-click autoinstall of Wordpress will make launching your site quick and easy.

You can install WordPress in a subdomain, or a subdirectory, whichever you like. Here's a screenshot of the tool we provide to make it easy to install one more more WordPress sites in your web hosting account at Modwest:

The ability of WordPress to create beautiful, easy-to-update websites is unsurpassed. There's a showcase available, and here are a few more examples, hosted right here at Modwest:

Ready? Sign up now!

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