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We've recently re-invented our grid hosting service as a single, powerful plan that costs less than anything we've offered before. Plus, with our "Yep" philosophy, we don't set arbitrary and misleading resource limits (eg, storage, mailboxes, transfer). Just use what you need.

"Wait. There are no resource limits?"

We don't set arbitrary storage and transfer limits for Modwest® Yep hosting, since:

  • 99%+ of websites don't come close to exceeding commonly advertised storage and transfer limits, anyway.
  • Most site owners cannot accurately predict their ongoing resource needs.
  • We won't mislead you like some other hosts do, by offering "Unlimited" anything. That's a smoke-and-mirrors game we don't want to play.
  • We wanted to eliminate all the arbitrary "choices". If you don't need a VPS or managed hosting option, Modwest® Yep is a one-size-fits-all plan.

We will provide as much storage and bandwidth as your site needs, as long as you work within the guidelines below.

What our Modwest® Yep hosting plans are for:

Our web hosting plans are for hosting websites, such as HTML/PHP files, web graphics, MySQL databases, supporting media, etc. If you are like most web hosting customers, that's you!

Prices start at just $6.95/month. Sign up now!

Choose VPS or Managed Hosting instead, if you need:

  • Off-site backup for your computer data
  • Digital media archiving (MP3, Photo collections)
  • File download mirrors
  • Large-scale software downloads
  • File-based "databases" such as catalogs that require 10,000+ files.
  • That's the basics. Here's the fine print...

"What if my site uses massive amounts of bandwidth and disk space?"

We hope your site is successful and gets lots of traffic! If you get some publicity and your website gets hammered for a few days, that's great. We've had the pleasure of watching many of our customers receive tremendous spikes in traffic due to national media coverage, Reddit, Digg, Slashdot, and so on.

The Modwest load-balanced grid hosting system is used by thousands of customers, and we must preserve service quality for everyone. If a site has a significant, ongoing demand for resources, we may:

  • Ask the site owner to move to a dedicated Modwest hosting plan.
  • Exclude large sites from our nightly backup routines.
  • Implement CPU, memory, query rate, concurrent process, and bandwidth limitations to prevent exhaustion of shared resources.
  • Disable sites that cause service problems for other customers.

In all cases, we will let you know so there will be no surprises or unforseen overage charges. After all, our "Yep!" approach is all about transparency and simplicity.

Ready to sign up? Great!

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